La Mediterranea, pizzeria a Formigine e Casinalbo di Formigine, Modena

Let’s introduce ourselves

The project Pizzeria La Mediterranea  was born in Casinalbo di Formigine (MO) in June 2006.
Pasquale Ricci and Valentina De Marco immediately realized the extraordinary customer’s appreciation. They decided to propose and promote a new service: a fast home delivery with vehicles equipped with a pre-heated oven, thus ensuring a that pizza is delivered at home as if freshly baked. In a few years the company fleet has grown rapidly and now has 15 vehicles fitted with the latest generation of preheated ovens.

Thanks to its success in Casinalbo, a second pizzeria has born in Formigine: wider spaces ensures to the guests a dining room where you can comfortably enjoy the menu of pizzas, side dishes and desserts. Take away and the now famous delivery service are obviously available.
To enrich the choices of pizzas in 2010 debuts “Regina Margherita”, with a light texture, soft but more massive: it will be a real “hit”.

Today the menu offers more than 80 different kind of pizza: tastes and sizes meet any customer’s wish. And if it’s not enough… fish fryings, fried prawns, numerous side dishes and a wide choice of desserts, beers, soft drinks, alcoholic and soft drinks.

The future

The secret of success of the project Pizzeria La Mediterranea is the result of several factors.
First of all the recipe of pizza’s dough by Pasquale Ricci: light but tasty, easy to digest, fragrant and soft as a cloud. In addition a selection of top quality ingredients, always fresh and of Italian origin, that complement in a unique way all ours varieties of pizza. Another distinguishing factor is definitely the service. The production process is tested (from the customer’s order to the final baking) and has proven to be efficient and fast. Home delivery with vehicles equipped with technologically advanced ovens ensures the chance to enjoy in your own home a hot and tasty pizza, just like freshly baked and served directly to pizzeria. Last but not least, the strength of a team (composed today by more than 30 people) professionally trained, able to ensure a 7/7 high quality service, always with generosity and tireless courtesy.

This is why the brand “La Mediterranea – italian pizza experience” is considered today an example: it’s synonymous of quality, innovation, efficiency and safety. Customers can enjoy a product of the italian excellence, truly unique, in a pizzeria or comfortably at home.

Starting 2016 La Mediterranea – italian pizza experience will expand its presence in Europe and U.S.A..

Stay tuned: it will be worth it !